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About Using Multiple Browser Tabs
You can add multiple tabs to the embedded browser of Creo to display the often-accessed pages in the individual browsers. You can open a browser tab in the embedded browser to navigate to a Web page while retaining access to the page that is currently active. You can also switch tabs without reloading pages and without closing any of the browser tabs that are open.
The browser tabs that you open are added as quick-access tabs to the browser tool bar. Multiple browser tabs, one for each page, facilitate quick and fast navigation of the pages that you frequently access. They reduce the back and forth navigation between the often-accessed pages as is the practice in the embedded browser that displays a single page at a time. These multiple start points also reduce the number of navigation steps.
You can use the icon on the browser tool bar or right-click an existing browser tab and access the New Tab option to open a new browser tab. The new browser tabs are located in the order of their creation on the browser tool bar. They are also available as a list from the browser tool bar. You can drag the tabs to reorder them.
You can right-click a Favorites folder and use the Open in Tab Group option on the shortcut menu to open all the links of the folder in separate browser tabs. You can also expand the folder with Expand or Expand All on the shortcut menu and use the Open in New Tab option to individually open the links in each of the tabs that you added to the Favorites pane. The Open in New Tab option is also available in the History pane. You can right-click a hyperlink in the Creo browser, click Copy Shortcut, and paste the copied link in the Address bar of a new browser tab.