Server Terminology
Registered Windchill Server—A combination of a Windchill server and workspace you register.
Registered ProjectLink Server—A combination of the server and project you register.
Primary server—A registered server that you designated as the default location for everyday data storage operations. The primary server is used for searching, downloading, saving, checking in, and checking out files.
Secondary servers—Additional servers that you can use to browse, download, or back up files.
Windchill Workspace—A private area in Windchill for managing your files while working on a task. A workspace allows you to track and change multiple objects and perform basic data management operations from within the Creo user interface. A workspace consists of a local cache directory and a folder in the user cabinet on the server. You can have several workspaces on a server.
Active workspace—Each registered server has an active workspace. When working with the primary server, the active workspace becomes the default location for created, retrieved, or modified objects.
Inactive workspace—Additional workspaces on the registered server.