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About Workspace Operations that Create Frames
All workspace actions, except refresh, create frames. You cannot create frames for actions that you cannot restore.
The following workspace actions performed in the Windchill connected mode and accessed in the Creo embedded browser or using the CreoFile menu commands create frames:
Editing the attributes of CAD documents.
Importing objects in workspace and File > Open in the Creo application.
The addition and deletion of attachments.
The locking or unlocking of objects in workspace from Actions on the workspace listing page.
Removing objects from the workspace.
Creating new CAD documents and new parts using the HTML UI options in the Creo embedded browser.
Save in workspace.
Check in from active workspace.
Undo checkout in a specific context.
The addition of objects to the workspace .
An update of objects in the workspace and File > Update in the Creo application.
The renaming of objects in the workspace.
The activation of a workspace the first time
Apply event.
File > Save in the Creo application.
Workspace operations that occur on the server side, such as Modify Attribute, that affect the cache and result in cache change are also recorded as frames. Frames are not created for the following Workspace operations:
Set state
Associate and disassociate
Refresh of the workspace
Open in the Creo application or Creo View
Opening of Information pages
Viewing and editing of workspace preferences
Accessing the Event Manager or Help
The authentication of server registration
The creation and locking of the workspace
Clearing of the cache from the server
File export from the workspace