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About the Offline Workspace
You can work offline and continue to access your workspace when you are not connected to the server. You can click Server > Work Offline in the Server Management dialog box to work offline. Your workspace goes offline by default when you lose connection with the server.
You can work offline only if you are using a Windchill server, version 8.0 and later.
With an offline workspace, you can continue to modify the geometry of items that are downloaded or checked out to your local workspace cache. You can access the workspace objects by clicking File > Open or by clicking the workspace in the folder navigator. The workspace user interface is unavailable in an offline workspace.
The following Creo menu commands are not available under the File menu:
Check Out
Undo Check Out
Check In
Update (Current or All)
Save and Upload
The following are important considerations while working offline from the server:
If you inadvertently delete a server-side component of the workspace, you can restore the workspace along with any items that are in the cache, when you reconnect to the server.
If you exceed the cache threshold, content may be removed from the cache without your knowledge. If this happens and you are forced to go offline, the item may not be retrievable because its content is not available. Therefore, you should monitor your cache threshold and set it appropriately.
Depending on the Windchill PDM system you use, you may require a locked license for the Creo application. If the Creo application client obtains its license from a license server, then, on losing connectivity with the license server, the Creo application ceases to respond. If the network connection to the Windchill server for the Creo application is prone to failure, then you must use a locked license for the Creo application.
You can explicitly choose to stay online when your workspace goes offline in the event of a server or network failure.
If the server goes offline, then the Creo application cannot obtain an automatically generated number for a newly created CAD model, or for a model that is opened from your disk drive. You must manually specify a name for the new model as the design session continues offline.
If you have modified the server-side workspace while not being connected to the server, then, upon reconnection, the items in the local cache are not overwritten and you can choose to synchronize the workspace with the server-side changes.
If you have created or modified CAD models while not being connected to the server, then, upon reconnection, these models are registered to the server-side workspace through the synchronization process.
A status column alerts you about discrepancies between the workspace cache and the server-side workspace. Some of the conditions reported are the following:
CAD document master has been deleted.
A naming conflict with an existing item; or the wor kspace item is new in cache.
The item has been removed from the (server-side) workspace.
A modeled attribute (for example, name or life cycle) of the item has been changed.
The iteration or version of the CAD document has been deleted.
If you quit the Creo application while the network connection is broken, and restart the Creo application before the network connection is restored, then you lose access to the cache. You must wait for the connection to be restored to access the items that are in the cache.