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About Workspace Preferences
Workspaces can be configured for your convenience. Workspace preferences provide a common context (such as a team or lifecycle) and target storage folders for all objects managed in a workspace. Workspace preferences also provides configuration for the retrieval of objects. You can use the Windchill user interface to set the general workspace options, the part configuration specifications, or the document configuration specifications.
In addition to workspace preferences, you can set Windchill Object Initialization Rules (OIRs) for CAD, EPM, and ECAD documents. The OIRs define rules by the object types at the context level and specify objects attributes and values to be applied during object creation. They enable automatic object numbering. They determine whether the server assigns attribute values or you specify the attribute values. You can use OIRs to manage object attributes.
If no preferences or OIRs are set, the objects are assigned a new name, number, and CAD name, according to the default naming policy.
For more information on workspace preferences and OIRs, refer to the Windchill Online Help.