About Updating an Out-of-Date Object
The objects in your current workspace can become out-of-date when compared to the CAD Document and WT Part configuration specification set for the Workspace. The default workspace configuration specification is the latest iteration on the latest revision.
You can update out-of-date objects by clicking File > Update. An update is performed to replace out-of-date local objects. These objects can be modified or unmodified objects. Clicking File > Update downloads the iteration of the object that is specified by the configuration specification.
Replacing the locally modified content of out-of-date objects with the ones on the server depends on the value that you have set for the dm_overwrite_contents_on_update configuration option. By default, dm_overwrite_contents_on_update is set to no.
If you have modified the out-of-date objects locally, and the dm_overwrite_contents_on_update configuration option has the default value of no, then clicking File > Update preserves your locally modified changes to the file content of out-of-date objects, but updates their metadata.
If you want to overwrite the locally modified out-of-date objects with the ones in the server, before you click File > Update, you must set the dm_overwrite_contents_on_update configuration option to yes.