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About Registering Windchill ProjectLink
To work with Creo files that reside in Windchill ProjectLink, you must first register your project with the Creo application. Registering a project with the Creo application requires specifying the server/project pair.
Use one of these methods to register a project:
Click File > Manage Session > Server management to open the Server Management dialog box.
Go to the Connections navigator and access Windchill ProjectLink in the Creo browser. In Windchill ProjectLink, access your project home page, and select the register action.
After you registered a project, two shortcuts to your project (Project and the project Workspace) appear in the Folder navigator, and the connection to this project is added to the Connections navigator. You can also use file management commands available in the File menu with your project files.
Using Windchill ProjectLink as a PDM Tool
You can register a particular project in Windchill ProjectLink to act as the primary server for the Creo data.
After you register your project as the primary server, you can use regular file management commands (for example, File Open or Backup) and Windchill PDM related commands (for example, Check In, Check Out) when interacting with ProjectLink.
Using Windchill ProjectLink as a File Repository
You can use Windchill ProjectLink as a file repository by registering a project with the Creo application as a secondary server. After the project is registered, you can use regular file management commands to open Creo files from or save them to the project.