About Incomplete Objects
An incomplete object is an object whose meta data is defined but the physical data does not exist. Incomplete objects are created in two instances:
You created a new CAD Document (with no template) without any content.
You retrieved an object from disk and saved it to the workspace, but the saved object has a dependent that did not get saved to the workspace.
Incomplete object are represented by the icon in the workspace.
Incomplete objects have the following properties:
They can be uploaded.
They cannot be checked-in.
Any object with a incomplete object as a dependent also cannot be checked-in.
What to do if you have an incomplete object that is preventing a checkin?
On the Check In page, select the Auto resolve incomplete objects check box. When you check-in the object, the system compares the name of the incomplete object to the names of known objects on the Windchill PDM server.  If a match is found, the system substitutes the incomplete object with the existing object. If a match is not found, the system ignores the incomplete object.