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About Automatic Cache Cleanup
Windchill automatically clears the cache whenever the cache size nears 90% of the set cache limit. However, automatic cache cleanup is not applicable for offline workspaces; workspaces that go online follow the regular workspace cache limit management. The cache occupied by locked frames is also not cleaned up automatically because locked frames must be unlocked before they are deleted. You cannot control the automatic cleanup operation.
Windchill performs a cache cleanup in the following order:
All contents of the objects that belong to deleted workspaces and that are not used by any other workspaces
Invalidated contents, both new and modified, and the ws.cache folder of the orphaned workspaces
Objects within inactive workspaces on secondary servers
Objects within active workspaces on secondary servers
Objects within inactive workspaces on primary server
The objects within active workspaces on primary server
A cleanup does not clear the new and locally modified files that belong to existing workspaces.