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About Addressing the Editing Instructions of Server-Modified Assemblies
You can insert, delete, and reposition the components of assemblies located on Windchill servers without opening the assemblies in the Creo application. Windchill creates editing instructions for such component changes to assembly structures on the server. However, until you open the assemblies and the assemblies regenerate to include the added, deleted, and repositioned components, these server changes to the assembly models are only considered as intended changes or pending component operations.
When you open the server-modified assemblies, the Creo application reads and interprets the server-generated editing instructions as intended changes that are not yet committed to the assemblies. The View Changes dialog box lists the added, deleted, and moved components and displays the editing instructions of the changed components with details of the server changes. The editing instructions also include the placement and positioning information for the added and moved components as transformation matrices. The View Changes dialog box provides a check box for each editing instruction. You can select the check boxes to accept the editing instructions for the added, moved, and deleted components and their placement. When you select a check box, you accept the corresponding intended component change or the server modification to commit this intended change to the assembly during its regeneration.
You may not require all the editing instructions or intended changes. You can reject all or some of the editing instructions when the intended changes seem to conflict with the assembly design and cause the assembly to fail or result in more changes than is required. When you do not select a check box, the assembly regenerates without the relevant editing instructions and the intended change that you rejected. However, before the assembly regenerates, you can generate a difference report to summarize all the component-level changes since the start of the Creo session.
After you accept or reject the intended component changes and close the View Changes dialog box, you can check out the assembly when the dynamic check out on-the-fly option prompts you to check out the assembly. The intended changes you accepted in the View Changes dialog box are committed to the assembly when the assembly regenerates. The regenerated assembly consists of the component changes you accepted. It does not include the intended changes you rejected.