Data Exchange > Creo Legacy Migration > Using Legacy Drawing Associator (LDA) > To Set the Selection Filter and Pick Entities of the Filter Type
To Set the Selection Filter and Pick Entities of the Filter Type
1. Set the selection filter on the status bar to one of the following entity types:
Annotation—Ordinate and reference dimensions, geometric tolerances, surface finishes, custom and other symbols.
Datum—Draft and model datum entities.
Direction Arrow—Direction arrows of dimensions, views, and other drawing entities.
Draft Entity—Lines, circles, arcs, and points.
Draft Group—Dimensions, notes, symbols, geometric tolerances, and draft entities that are grouped together and drawing views converted to draft groups.
Draft Hatch—Draft cross-sections and other draft entities with cross-hatch patterns.
Drawing View—Views placed on the drawing based on the model added to the drawing and associated with it
Note—Various types of notes.
The selection filter is set to General by default and you can select all entity types on the legacy drawing by default.
2. Move the pointer over the entities set as the filter type to highlight them on the drawing.
3. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the entities one by one or draw a rectangular box to select multiple entities of the filter type enclosed in the selection box. The entities show selection on the Drawing Tree and the legacy drawing. The selected entities appear green in color on the drawing.