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To Create an Export Profile at the Start of a Creo Session
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click Data Exchange.
3. In Profiles directory, specify the path to a folder or directory to set it up as the common profiles directory to store the default, new, and modified import, open, and export profiles. Alternatively, click Browse and browse to an alternate location or folder in the Select Directory dialog box.
4. Select a file format from the Select list under Export Profiles.
5. Click Setup Export Profiles. The export profile editor that is specific for the selected file format opens with the export settings set to the system defaults.
6. Under Include, include and exclude export settings to suit your requirements.
7. Click to expand the Advanced options and set geometry, entity, model structure, and layer preferences to suit your requirements.
8. Click Save Profile and use the Save export profile dialog box to save the modified export settings as the def_profile.dep_<format> profile in the profiles directory by default or an alternate location.
9. Click OK in the export profile editor to update the export profile with the changed values of the export settings.
You can click Reset to discard the changes and revert to the system default values of the export settings in the profile.
10. In the Export Profiles section, for a format listed in the Format column, scroll in the corresponding row of the Default Profile column and select a profile from the profiles directory to designate it as the default export profile for the format. If you saved the export profile for the format in an alternate location, select Browse at the end of the list of export profiles in the row, browse to the location, and select the profile to designate it as the default export profile for the format.
11. Click OK in the Creo Parametric Options dialog box. A message window asks you whether you want to save the default settings in the export profile to a configuration file or whether you only want to apply the default profile settings to the current session.
12. Click Yes in the message window to save the default profile settings to the file or click No to use the default profile settings in the current session.