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Importing User-Defined Attributes from Creo Elements/Direct Models
You can import User-Defined Attributes (UDA) which are a group of parameter–value pairs from Creo Elements/Direct to Creo Parametric. In the Creo Elements/Direct - Import Profile dialog box, on the Misc tab, select Include User Defined Attributes to import specific or all the UDAs that are part of the Creo Elements/Direct model.
When you import UDAs—
The parameters in the UDA are listed as individual parameters in Creo Parametric
To avoid duplication, UDA names and their parameters are concatenated.
Concatenated parameters are truncated when the parameter name exceeds the supported length.
To avoid further duplication as a result of truncation, the truncated parameters are indexed.
When the imported parameter value exceeds the supported length, the value is split, and the respective parameter name is indexed again.
The custom attributes file
This is a text file with an extension uda_list in the profile directory. For example, shaft.uda_list. Use the configuration option intf_profile_dir to set the directory where you want to save the file. The text file must contain the list of UDAs that you want to import.
In this file, you can include abbreviations for the UDAs. For example,
ced_cabling_info : cbl
ced_direct_info : dir
Where ced_cabling_info is the UDA and cbl is the abbreviation. If this UDA has a parameter description, the imported concatenated parameter name would be cbl_description.
To import specific UDAs
1. On the Misc tab, select the Include User Defined Attributes check box.
2. In the Custom Attribute List drop-down, select the file.
By default, None is selected and as a result all UDAs are imported. The Custom Attribute List shows all files that are saved in the directory.
3. Click OK.