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About the VDA Export Profile Settings
The following table lists the export settings in the VDA Export Profile Settings export profile editor with the corresponding values and description.
Export Profile Options
Model preferences
Export assembly as
Flat*, All Parts.
Specifies the file structure of the assembly models after export.
The export includes datum points, curves, and axes as line segments.
Hidden entities
Is selected by default.
The export includes hidden entities.
Cable surfaces
The export includes cable surface geometry.
Construction bodies
Is selected by default.
The export includes construction bodies.
Advanced > Include
Header file
The complete file name, including the path, to use the header information for all VDA files.
Specifies the use of a text file containing the header information of the exported VDA file.
Advanced > Geometry and entity preferences
Export solids and quilts as
Surfaces*, Wireframe
Specifies the geometric representation of the exported solids and quilts.
Maximum surface deviation
Specifies the accuracy needed for surface approximation when converting surfaces to free-form surfaces.
Raise free-form surface degree
Raises the surface degree for approximating free-form surfaces as bezier patches.
Maximum free-form surface degree
5 to 16 with 16 as the default.
Is available when you select Raise free-form surface degree.
The maximum degree used when approximating b-spline surfaces as bezier patches.
Extend surface boundaries
Is selected by default.
Extends the domains of surfaces until the surfaces intersect.