To Import a Foreign Surface
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. Click Customize Ribbon and select More Commands in the Choose commands from list.
3. Select Blend from File from the list and click Add to add the command as a new tab.
4. Open a part and click Blend from File > Surface on the new tab. The SURFACE: Blend from File dialog box opens.
5. Select the class of the surface. The SURFACE: Blend from File dialog box lists all the classes that have been defined in Creo Parametric TOOLKIT.
6. Type the name of the surface.
7. Select from the namelist menu the name of the coordinate system that the surface will reference.
If imported geometry uses dimension units different from those of the current model, those units are converted to the units of the current model.
With Technical Surfacing, you can create non-solid surfaces using some of the same techniques you use when you are creating solid geometry, as well as more sophisticated surface modeling methods. With Interface, you can import surfaces from other CAD systems.