Data Exchange > Interface > Working with Digitized Input > To Create a Chain of Straight Line Segments
To Create a Chain of Straight Line Segments
1. Press 0 to start the chain.
2. With the puck crosshairs located at the start of the line, press 0. As you move the crosshair to each new location, the next line in the chain rubberbands.
3. Continue to add points to the chain pressing 0.
4. When you have digitized the last point in the chain, press 3. The chain is examined to determine if it can be converted into a single line or arc.
5. As it highlights each segment, press 0 to convert that portion of the chain or press 3 to cancel the conversion.
You can convert the chain in small portions, or you can continue to cancel the conversion of each segment until the entire chain is highlighted. If you accept pressing 0, the entire chain is converted into a line or arc.