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MI Import Options and the Corresponding Configuration Options
In the Import MI dialog box, you can set the following configuration options for importing 2D drawing data. To filter drawing entities when you import Creo Elements/Direct drawing files, you can use the Import MI dialog box itself, or directly set the corresponding configuration options.
Options in the Import MI Dialog Box
Configuration Options and their Values
Import dimensions and its options As dimensions, As separate entities, As symbols
as_is*, as_sep_ent, as_symbol
Import associative dimensions
yes, no*
Recompute associative dimensions
yes, no*
Import parts as layers
yes*, no
Import symbol parts as symbols
yes*, no
Import points
yes, no*
Create variable size sheet
yes*, no
Create multi-line text
yes*, no
Open log window
yes*, no
Map Text Symbols To
asme*, iso, stroked asme, stroked iso, legacy
Generate a log file
yes*, generate a log file; no, do not generate a log file.
On the Properties tab of the Import MI dialog box, you can control the import of the following attributes:
Line fonts
Text fonts
Hatch line fonts
You can save the import settings of colors, layers, line, text, and hatch fonts in the mapping file that is located in the working directory, or in an alternate directory or folder. If this mapping file is not located in the working directory, you must set the real or absolute path of this file as the value of the configuration option intf2d_in_mi_mapping_file.
If you select the Generate a log file check box, you can click to view the log file in a new window. The log file includes details like configuration options and values, imported entities and layers, as well as the ignored entities and the reason for skipping their import.