Importing Through VDA
The Creo application can read a VDA file into an existing part, or you can use the VDA data to create a new part. The type of features that the VDA file creates depends on the data available. It creates solid features only if you provide a topologically complete description using the VDA entities TOP, FACE, CONS, and CURVE.
You can replace an imported feature with a new import file without having a one-to-one correspondence between existing entities and the replacement entities. You can use profiles for the import. An import log file is created in your working directory when you import a VDA model. This file contains a summary of the VDA import process.
You can set the Import point set as spline import option to control the data point sets imported from a VDA file. If the VDA file contains information for surface connection, you can create a solid using Join Surfs on the Properties menu. If imported files do not have information on surface connection, you can join surfaces in several ways.