Importing STEP Data in Drawing Mode
When you import STEP data in Drawing mode, parts and assemblies are created only when the imported files contain the relevant data. Assemblies are the models of drawings. If the imported files do not contain assemblies and parts, only 2D drawings are created.
If the drawing sheet size varies from the standard Creo drawing sheet size, a drawing sheet of a size that is different from the standard drawing sheet size is automatically created in the Creo application.
An AP202 file can contain more than one model.
You can import STEP format files in Drawing mode. (These files are AP202 files and not AP203 or AP214 for part or assembly.) The following entities are supported:
Sheet annotations (curves, text)
Views with 3D model projection
View annotations (curves, dimensions, text)
Page and view annotations
2D hatching
Standard Creo symbols as notes
2D views
Multiple-line text as a single multiple-line note
The Unicode characters of the STEP files are imported as is.