Importing IGES View Layout
When you create a new drawing by importing a 2D IGES file containing 3D view and 3D model information, the Creo application creates a model and a drawing that uses the model to display the relevant views. This is the case when you are creating a new model (File > Open) only, not when you are appending a model (Model > Get Data > Import). The following occurs when you import a 2D IGES file into a drawing:
If IGES views do not exist in the 2D IGES model that you are importing, a drawing without 2D or 3D views is created.
If IGES views exist but there is no IGES 3D model definition, a drawing with 2D views is created.
If IGES views and an IGES 3D model definition exist, a model and a drawing with the relevant 3D views is created.