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About the Curve and Point Import Options in the Profiles
The curve and point options available in the import profiles are as follows:
Re-parameterize based on arc length—Reparameterizes the B-splines and other splines based on their arc length.
The Import as option of Polyline—Specifies the following methods of import of polylines:
Single Polyline—Imports the polyline as a single curve.
Single Spline—Imports the polyline as a spline or a single smooth curve.
A Set of Curves—Imports the polyline as a set of smooth curves connected by lines and splines.
A Set of Points—Imports the polyline as a set of points.
You must click the Point tab on the import profile to access the Create labels for points import option to assign labels to the imported points.
The following table lists the mapping between the legacy configuration options that controlled the import of 3D data and the corresponding import profile options for curves and points:
Import Profile Options for Curves and Points
Corresponding Legacy Configuration Options
Curve > Re-parameterize based on arc length of Spline/B-Spline
intf_in_arclength_crv_reparamyes*, no
The Import as option of Polyline
intf_in_treat_polyline_assingle_polyline*, single_spline, set_of_curves, set_of_points
Point > Create labels for points
intf_in_assign_pnt_labelyes, no*