About Supertab Geometry
You can use the SUPRTB Geom option to create an I-DEAS Supertab file from part data that can be read by Supertab software system. The system formats this file according to the specifications of a Supertab universal file. It contains mathematical definitions of items such as surface data which bound a solid. Creo does not accept universal files from Supertab systems as input.
Supertab files are ASCII text files. The system stores them in the current directory. You can rename or modify them using standard operating system commands.
If you read in the Creo Supertab file into Geomod, the Geomod software issues a warning for entity #428. You must ignore this warning since Geomod does not use the entity.
You can output a Creo assembly to Supertab in the same way you output parts.