Pro/WEB PUBLISH enables you to:
Create a paperless environment that reduces the cost of creating and plotting drawings.
Extend the access to data to all parts of an organization.
The publishing tools enable you to export and then view in HTML, VRML, CGM, and JPEG formats the following on the Web browser:
Assembly models and data
Assembly processes including graphical and textural information for each process step
Manufacturing processes including graphical and textural information for each process step
Process and assembly information that you view in the browser reflects the process data extracted programmatically from the Creo application.
All publications that you create with Pro/WEB PUBLISH are view-only. After creating a publication, it is independent from the original assembly or process plan. If you make changes to the model in the Creo application, you must recreate the publication to reflect the latest changes.
Requirements for Viewing a Publication
The requirements for viewing a publication are as follows:
A procgi server application must be installed on your Web server. See the Creo Installation and Administration Guide for information on individual server installation instructions.
You can use the Netscape browser or the Internet Explorer. They must support HTML, JavaScript, and Java, as well as VRML, CGM, and JPEG, either inherently or with plug-ins or helper applications. The Web browser must also support frames.
Supported Graphics Formats
Pro/WEB PUBLISH supports the following graphics formats:
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)—Raster-based 2D image format. This is the default format.
CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile)—Vector-based 2D image format.
VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)—Web-based language used to describe the layout of 3D objects and environments.