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About the Miscellaneous Import Options of Various Formats
The Misc tab is available in the import profile editor only when the model selected for import belongs to one of the following file formats:
Creo Elements/Direct
Additionally, the Misc tab only displays options that are specific to the file format of the model selected for import. For example, if you selected a Creo Elements/Direct model for import, the Misc tab displays the following options that are relevant to the Creo Elements/Direct file format:
Include Containers / Stock-Finish Relation—Specifies the inclusion of containers and stock and finished parts in the import.
Include Face Parts—Specifies the inclusion of face parts in the import and shows default selection.
Include Wire Parts—Specifies the inclusion of wire parts in the import and shows default selection.
Include Empty Parts—Specifies the inclusion of empty parts in the import and shows default selection.
The other format-specific options on the Misc tab are as follows:
Include colors—Imports the CATIA V5 model with its colors.
Import polyline 106 f2 as spline—Imports IGES Copious Data Entity of type 106, form 2, as a 3D spline.
Import styled boundary as filled area—Provides color support while importing STEP files. Imports STEP styled boundaries as filled areas.
Validation property tolerance—Specifies the tolerance in percentage for STEP validation property. The AP203 validation properties that exist in a STEP file are translated during import.
Import point set as spline—Imports the data point sets in a VDA file as 3D splines.
Facet units—Provides the following list of unit options for part and assembly models that belong to the STL, MEDUSA, and Wavefront file formats:
If you select Custom, you can enter a value as the unit factor for the model in the adjacent text-box. The unit factor is set to 1.0 by default. You can enter a value greater than zero as the custom unit factor. The value you specify represents a unit-to-inch factor. Hence, the unitless size of the STL, MEDUSA, or Wavefront model is multiplied by the value you specify as the custom unit factor that is based on inches.
For example, if you specify a custom unit factor of 1.5 for a model of length 2 units, the imported model will have a length of 3 inches. When you use a template to import the part as a new model, the model units in inches are converted to the units of the template. When you insert the part of size 3 inches into an existing part model, the model units in inches are converted to the corresponding units of the existing part model.
The following table lists the mapping between the legacy configuration options that controlled the import of 3D data and the corresponding import profile options for data-specific and miscellaneous import:
Miscellaneous Import Profile Options
Corresponding Legacy Configuration Options
Include colors
c5_color_importyes, no*
Import polyline 106 f2 as spline
iges_in_106_f2_as_splineyes, no*
Import styled boundary as filled area
step_in_style_bndry_as_fill_areayes, no*
Validation property tolerance
stp_impt_val_props_delta_error—0 to 100, 0.1*
Import point set as spline
read_vda_in_pset_as_splineyes, no*
Facet units