About Interface for Rhino
The Interface for Rhino is a plug-in data exchange processor based on Creo Granite. You can use it to import *.3dm part files from Rhinoceros as part and assembly files. Creo supports imports from Rhino 1 to Rhino 7.
If there is geometry on more than one layer in the *.3dm file, the exact geometry on each Rhinoceros layer is imported as a separate part with a flat-structure assembly file. The following information is included in each part as a single import feature:
Datum curves
Open quilts
Closed quilts
In addition, each facet body on a Rhinoceros layer is included in the Model Tree as a separate facet feature.
You cannot import the information on hidden layers. You can edit the import features using Import DataDoctor. Closed quilts are automatically converted to solids during the import.
For more information on the following functionality, see the corresponding Help modules:
Working with facet geometry—Facet Modeling in Surfacing
Rendering—Photorealistic Rendering
Using Import DataDoctor—Import DataDoctor in Data Exchange