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About Using Import Log Files for Diagnostics
The Geometry Reading and Geometry Processing sections and their subsections capture the status of the import process. When entities are not converted to their corresponding Creo entity types, the Comment column in the relevant section of the import log file indicates the reason for the entities skipping import.
The reasons for the failed import are vital for recovery initiatives, especially when import tasks are performed in a non-interactive manner using applications such as Creo Distributed Batch.
The reasons for the failure or the success of the import of the various entity types are categorized, based on their severity, as follows:
Errors—Specifies that items are not imported because the Creo application cannot read or process these items.
Warnings—Specifies that items are not deliberately read or processed and therefore not imported. Also indicates that Creo has modified their definitions, attributes, parameters, and appearance during the import.
Statistics—Reports actual details of the import, such as the number of items read and processed, the number of items ignored or skipped, the configuration options set by their names and values, and filenames and versions.
Stop lights in distinct colors indicate warnings and errors as follows:
Green—No errors and warnings