About Exporting Drawings to STEP
The STEP AP202 export of 2D drawings enables the transfer of 3D model geometry with its associative views if the step_export_dwg_views configuration option is set to as_3d_views (the default is no). It includes 2D entities such as dimensions and other annotations. You can export a 2D drawing and the receiving system can move or add new views.
The STEP AP214 export of 2D drawings enables the transfer of layers, hatches, and special text characters such as degree and diameter symbols as Unicode instead of separate geometric entities.
Export drawings to STEP using the File > Save As > Save a Copy command or the Export command in the Drawing mode. The STEP format is available as a publish deliverable option with other supported 2D formats on the Export Setup tab. Export Setup allows you to preview the drawing with its current export settings in the graphics window before you export the drawing as a publish deliverable. If the drawing does not suit your requirements, you can close the preview and modify the export settings before the export.