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About Creo Distributed Batch
Creo includes a batch processing capability called Creo Distributed Batch. You can use Creo Distributed Batch to perform time-consuming and routine tasks, such as,
Plotting and printing
Importing and exporting 2D and 3D data from supported interfaces
Creating shaded images of parts and assemblies
Checking models using Creo ModelCHECK
Saving Creo models from the earlier versions in the latest version
You can perform batch operations not only on a local computer (standalone mode), but also on multiple computers on the network (distributed mode). In the distributed mode, Creo Distributed Batch uses the Creo Distributed Services Manager to administer and manage remote computers on the network. Creo Distributed Services Manager is a separate network-based desktop application.
You can install Creo Distributed Batch from the Creo DVD-ROM. For more information on Creo Distributed Batch, see the Creo Distributed Batch Help module.