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About Directly Opening Granite-based Files
The method of directly opening Creo Granite-based models as new models is the default. For each feature in the Granite-based model, a corresponding read-only feature is created in the directly opened model. You cannot redefine the features created in the model or subsequently regenerate the directly opened model. You can only reference the imported geometry to create features and components in the model.
For a directly opened Granite-based file, the feature-structure of the Granite file is preserved in the resultant model though these features are read-only. The imported feature-types are represented by their corresponding icons in the Model Tree. The original item and feature IDs and configurations that correspond to the family table instances in Creo are preserved in the model. Non-geometric information such as layers, colors, and parameters are imported. Sketches, datums, and patterns are not supported.
You can append or assemble the directly opened models as part or subassembly components of existing assemblies.