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About Choosing the Data Type of Import Features
You can change the data type of the models when you import part and assembly models and insert imported features in existing part models.
Set the Import type option to one of the following data types in the import profile, the Import New Model dialog box, or the File dialog box:
Geometry—Imports the BREP data of the selected model files and creates standard import features for formats such as CATIA V5 CATPart, JT, and Creo View. When the files selected for import contain BREP and facet representations, you can filter data according to your requirements.
Facet—Imports the facet data of the selected files regardless of the filter settings in the import profiles. The facet data is imported as facet geometry or data that can generate facet geometry, such as points from ibl files.
Curve—Imports curves or any other data, such as points from ibl files, that you can interpret as curves, regardless of the filter setting in the import profile. Creates curve-from-file import features.
Automatic—Creates standard import features, facets, or curve-from-file import features, depending on the file format selected for import, the contents read from the files, and the import profile settings. This is the default import data type.
Depending on the file content, this option imports geometry as follows:
Creates standard import or geometric features when the imported files contain BREP data with any other data.
Creates facet features when the imported files contain facet and datum or annotation data.
Creates curve-from-file import features when you import the curve data of the files.
The geometry type of the imported models also depends on the file types selected for import. Different formats create imported features of the following data types:
JT and Creo View files create facet import features.
CATIA V5 CATPart files create standard import features.
Formats such as VRML, MEDUSA, Wavefront (*.obj), STL, ACS, Pts, Ibl, and Vtx create facet features.
All other formats create facet features, standard import features, or curve-from-file features.
You can set the import data type of the models and features only during their initial import. If you reset the data type after their initial import, especially while redefining the imported features and models, the imported features and models ignore the changed data type settings. They retain their original geometry type that you set during their initial import.