Data Exchange > Creo Unite > Reusing TIM Models > To Reuse an Existing TIM Model for the Design Changes
To Reuse an Existing TIM Model for the Design Changes
1. Open a Creo assembly with non-Creo components from the Windchill server.
2. Right-click a non-Creo component on the Model Tree and click Activate.
3. Begin modifying the component. The Conflicts dialog box prompts you to check out the read-only component.
4. Select Continue or Check out now from the Action list and click OK in the Conflicts dialog box. The Confirmation dialog box asks you whether you want to convert the component to a Creo model.
5. Retain the default selection of Convert. The Convert to new Creo models dialog box opens.
6. Retain the selection of Convert automatically or click Use advanced conversion tools.
The Warning — TIM models already exist on server! warning dialog box opens when Translated Image Models (TIMs) exist on the Windchill server for the non-Creo component. It lists the TIM parts or assemblies that exist on the server for the non-Creo component and suggests that you reuse the existing TIM models and not create new TIM parts and assemblies. It recommends that you use the Replace command to reuse the existing TIM parts and assemblies from the server for the design changes.
7. Click Cancel on the warning dialog box to manually replace the non-Creo component with the existing TIM part or assembly from the Windchill server and reuse the existing TIM model for the design changes. You can click Continue if you want to proceed with the conversion of the non-Creo component to a Creo TIM part or assembly and replace the non-Creo component with this new TIM model.
8. Select the non-Creo component and click Operations > Replace or right-click and click Replace. The Replace dialog box opens.
9. Select Reference Model from the Replace By list to replace the non-Creo component with an existing TIM part or assembly.
10. Browse to the TIM model on the server in the Open dialog box, select the TIM model to replace the non-Creo component, and click Open.
11. Click OK in the Replace dialog box to replace the non-Creo component with its TIM model from the Windchill server. The component placement references of the outgoing non-Creo component and the incoming TIM part or assembly are automatically mapped.
12. Select geometry on the replaced TIM model to restart the design changes that you initially began on the non-Creo component before you replaced the non-Creo component with the TIM part or assembly.
13. Click File > Check In > Auto Check In or right-click the model and click Check In > Auto to check in the TIM model with the design changes to the Windchill server.