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About the File Names of non-Creo Models
Non-Creo models opened in Creo display their native names and file extensions. They retain their original, unique, and long file names and display PTC-generated CAD icons. File names and file paths can contain special and multi-byte characters. When file names contain multi-byte characters, Creo only displays characters in the basic encoding of the supported locales.
Multi-byte characters in file and model names that do not show persistent behavior during transitions from lower case to upper case and upper to lower case are invalid and are not to be included in file and model names. Creo displays an error message when file and model names include such characters that are not persistent during case change.
File names can extend up to 80 characters while file paths can extend up to 260 characters. Creo supports file paths with 260 characters in the file systems on the disk, regardless of the character bytes in the file paths.
The File Open dialog box, the Model Tree, and the Reference Viewer display the non-Creo models with their original names, file extensions, and their generic CAD icons. Non-Creo models saved as Creo.prt and .asm files with the File > Save As > Save a Copy command can include special and multi-byte characters in their file names. The BOM tables of drawings also show the original model names with special and multi-byte characters. Non-Creo models with configurations, such as SolidWorks, display the configuration names with the model names in the Model Tree node.
Creo supports the following special characters in the file names and file paths of the non-Creo models:
Ampersand— &
Apostrophe— ’
At sign—@
Backward slash—\
Brackets—(), {}, and []
Caret— ^
Dollar sign— $
Equal to— =
Exclamation mark— !
Percent— %
Plus —+
Single quote under tilde—`
Angle brackets in the file names of the non-Creo models, for example, part <>.SLDPRT, are not supported.
You can open models with file names that contain spaces and dashes, but you must not begin the model names with space.