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Resolving Failed Child Features During ATB Update
After an update, if references are lost for any downstream features or components, Creo Parametric places you in Resolve Mode. Child features fail or lose reference when:
The new reference model selected in the Select File For ATB Change Link dialog box has geometry that is not the same as that of the original reference model that the Translated Image Models (TIMs) or the imported features referenced previously.
The source system loses the reference ID, for example, when an edge is removed by a cut or a similar operation is performed on the source system.
The relative orientation of the geometric references change. For example, when two planar surfaces are no longer perpendicular and it is required that these references are perpendicular to correctly define features.
You can:
Fix the child feature by selecting new references.
Edit the child feature definition.
Suppress the child feature so that you can fix it later.
Delete the child feature.
When the new feature or component is added, you can resume the features and edit their references to select new references from the imported geometry. You must reroute the downstream placement or feature references.