About ATB-enabled NX
The Enable ATB option is selected by default in the import profile and the Import New Model and the File dialog boxes for the NX file format. You can, therefore, import NX part and assembly files as Translated Image Models (TIMs) or insert NX part files in Creo Parametric parts as ATB-enabled import features.
You do not require a license to import NX part and assembly files, but you require the Creo UG/NX Collaboration license to export Creo Parametric part and assembly models to NX.
The Check Status criteria for NX TIM parts and assemblies is the internal revision number.
NX uses the same .prt file extension for part and assembly models. For a change link operation, you must select the same model type or the change link operation will fail. That is, you cannot change the link of a TIM part to an assembly reference file, or vice-versa.