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About Configuring Creo Parametric
You can customize the way you configure Creo by entering configuration file options and their values in the Configuration Editor. You can do the following tasks:
Export the configuration option settings in a session to a .pro file and then import it later to apply the settings to another session.
Save multiple combinations of configuration options (.pro file), with each file containing settings unique to certain design projects.
You can see a full list of the configuration options in the Configuration Options PDFs for a particular Creo Parametric release on The PDF has two main sections:
Full list of Configuration Options, with description and values, for the current release.
A comparison list of Configuration Options that have changed from the previous release of Creo Parametric and the current release.
Fundamentals Help provides a list of configuration options in alphabetical order. Each option contains the following information:
Configuration option name.
Default and available variables or values. All default values are marked with an asterisk (*).
Brief description and notes describing the configuration option.