Assembly Design > Assembly Process Planning > Creating Process Steps > To Redefine or Reposition a Component
To Redefine or Reposition a Component
1. Click Tools > Component. The Component Constraint Information dialog box opens.
2. Select a component from the Model Tree or directly on the model. All constraints that apply to the component appear in the table. Click a constraint, and then click Apply to show more information.
3. On the Menu Manager, click ASM PROCESS > Sequence > STEPSEQUENCE > Redefine. The Select Step dialog box opens.
4. Select the step to redefine and click OK. The STEP: <type> dialog box opens.
5. Select an element, click Define, and choose an option:
Package–Moves a packaged component that is not a member of the design assembly.
Delete–Deletes a component and its children from the assembly.
Redefine–Redefines component constraints.
Reroute–Reassigns component references.
Replace–Replaces an existing component with another one.