Template Parts
For each fastener assembled by Creo Intelligent Fastener you need a template part. The template parts must be located in the folder FOLDER_FOR_FASTENER_DATA in the directory which you specify with the Creo Intelligent Fastener configuration option PATH_ABS_LIBRARY. The template must have the same name as the fastener data file.
You only need the template if the fastener does not already exist in a search path or in Windchill.
If the fastener is assembled, Creo Intelligent Fastener performs the actions described below:
Copies the template to your working directory
Changes the dimensions and parameters
Renames the template to the selected instance name
For each type of fastener there is template, such as screw_01.prt and washer_02.prt, in the types directory. To access this directory, browse to <creo_loadpoint>\Common Files\ifx\parts\ifx_fastener_templates.
You can use these templates to add a new fastener to the library. Copy the template file to the FOLDER_FOR_FASTENER_DATA and rename the template file. The file name of the PRT template file must match the name of the fastener DAT file. For example, if the name of your catalog instance is ISO4014, then the name of the template must be ISO4014.prt and the name of the fastener data file must be ISO4014.dat.