Library Translation Files
The names in the Catalog list in the Screw Fastener Definition and Dowel Pin Fastener Definition dialog boxes can be translated using the library translation files. Browse to <creo loadpoint>\Common Files\ifx\text\<language directory>\ifx_translation.txt to access the library translation files.
For each catalog name you can add a label and help text as described in the list below:
<NAME>.Label for the translation of the name in the Catalog list
<NAME>.HelpText for the tooltip that appears when you place the pointer on the name in the Catalog list
The length of the label and the help text is limited to 80 characters.
To add a line break to the help text use \n.
After converting the library to the file structure introduced in Creo Parametric 3.0 M110, the translation files for usascii and german are created in the text directories.
The example shows how to add a translated label and help text for the mm-Fine catalog.

Screws and Bolts - fine pitch thread
Screws and Bolts - fine pitch thread