To Define a Sensor
You can define a part or an assembly as a sensor.
1. In an open component, click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. In the Sensor line, click change. The Open File and Parameters dialog boxes open.
3. Select an XML file from the Open File dialog box and click Open File. The Parameters dialog box is populated with parameters. Parameter values are not important, but make sure all the parameters have units defined.
4. To add parameters that are not from a file, click Cancel in the File Open dialog box. Click to add parameters manually.
5. To change a parameter value, click the Value cell for the parameter, type a value, and press ENTER.
6. To remove the sensor definition from a component, click the arrow next to change and click delete. The sensor parameters are deleted from the component.
When you delete sensor parameters from the Parameters dialog box the definition of the model as a sensor is not deleted.
7. Click OK.