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Configuration Options for Product Insight
prompt*, no, yes
Defines whether flexibility on-the-fly should be applied when a subassembly with a sensor is included in the design. Flexibility allows each instance of the sensor to have different parameter values as varied items.
prompt—Prompts the user to confirm flexibility on-the-fly for each sensor inclusion.
Yes—Applies flexibility on-the-fly automatically for each sensor inclusion.
no—Does not apply flexibility on-the-fly when lower-level sensors are included in the design.
Specifies a command to start JRE from Creo. These values override the default. For example: jlink_java_command c\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\java.exe.
When you select JRE for installation during Creo Parametric installation, you do not have to set this configuration option.
Sets the maximum number of repetitive regenerations for each data set when using the Sensor Data View tool. The default is 1; you can increased the number when the model requires multiple regenerations to remove the needs regeneration () icon. It is not recommended to use values over 3 as it can reduce performance.
Specifies the default instrumented assembly template. Use the full path to the file.
Sets the path to your ThingWorx configuration file.