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About Creo as a Service for Analysis (CaaS)
From Creo Parametric 4.0 M060 release, you can start an analysis from any browser connected to a ThingWorx server if theThingWorx server has the required extensions. Creo Parametric starts behind the scenes by Creo Product Insight to load the necessary model, fetch the input data, and run the analysis. The results are then sent back to ThingWorx.
Before you begin make sure you have the following:
At least one farm machine running an analysis agent using Creo Parametric from release 4.0 M060 and later. Click the link for instructions on how to configure the Analysis Agent farm machine.
The Creo Parametric model you want to analyze is published to ThingWorx.
Working from Windchill
The assembly downloaded from the Windchill server is, by default, the latest version of its components. To download an assembly with components that are not the latest version assembled, you can create a baseline.