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About Simplified Representations in Configurable Products
Retrieving and regenerating the Master representation of a configurable product can take a lot of resources and time. The Master representation contains all variants of all modules in the configurable product as well as all regular components of the assembly. To make working with a configurable product more efficient, there is a system defined simplified representation.
The Current Configuration simplified representation uses a rule with a predefined condition to exclude all module members except the current solution member. When there is no current solution, the representative component is used. You can, of course, create your own simplified representations using this system rule. Set the auto_eval_current_cnfg_rule configuration option to yes to evaluate the NOT_IN_CUR_CONF condition when you retrieve or regenerate the configurable product.
You can create a variant specification from a simplified representation in the configurable product. After you select a simplified representation for the variant specification, you cannot make changes to it. New options and choices cannot be created.