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To Create a Simplified Representation from Selected Components
1. In an open assembly, select one or several components, right-click and choose Representation, and choose one of the following options:
Exclude—Excludes the selected components from the simplified representation.
Master—Sets the selected components to Master representation mode. If the top level assembly is in its default state of Master representation, it is automatically set to Exclude.
Automatic—Sets the selected components to Automatic representation mode.
Default Envelope—Substitutes the selected assembly components with an envelope.
User Defined—Activates a simplified representation from the selected component.
2. Click . The View Manager dialog box opens to the Simp Rep tab.
3. Click Edit > Save. The Save Display Elements dialog box opens. Accept the default name of the new simplified representation or type a new one and click OK. The new representation is added to the list of simplified representations in the View Manager and is set to active.
4. Click Close to exist the View Manager.