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To Create Simplified Representations Using Definition Rules
Each rule consists of an action and one or more conditions. The conditions appear in an editable list and are executed in bottom-up order.
1. Create a simplified representation or redefine an existing one.
2. In the Component Chooser, click Model Rules > Edit Rules to set up rule actions. The Rule Actions dialog box opens.
3. To add a rule, click . Use the Rep Action column to set a representation action. To change the representation action, click within the column and select one of the following options:
Default Envelope
The Condition column lists previously defined conditions. If no conditions were defined, the column is empty. Right-click in the Condition column and select one of the following options from the shortcut menu:
New—Creates a new condition. Select the new condition and press ENTER or right-click and choose New from the shortcut menu. The Rule Editor dialog box opens.
Redefine—Opens the Rule Editor dialog box to redefine an existing condition.
Rename—Renames an existing condition.
Delete—Deletes the selected condition.
4. In the Rule Editor, click Options > Build Query. The query builder opens.
5. Define a rule using Attributes, History, Status, or Geometry.
6. Click Add New to add the rule to the query builder. For a combination of several rules use the logical operators Or and And.
7. Click OK.