About On-Demand Simplified Representations
When an assembly component is excluded from a simplified representation, or when it is displayed in a Graphics state, that component cannot be redefined, rerouted, or repeated. To make the component available for editing, you must redefine the simplified representation or activate a different one. With on-demand simplified representations, you can specify whether and when to retrieve components not completely included in a simplified representation.
Dynamic, on-demand simplified representations improve system performance. They allow you to work with a minimum amount of model data. Additional design content is available as needed.
Control on-demand settings in the following ways:
Retrieve Master or Geometry representations of components in a non-editable state.
Define the conditions under which dynamic, on-demand simplified representations update.
Enable or disable dynamic updating.
When more than one representation of the same model is retrieved, only the higher level representation is in memory. The system uses this single model to represent all defined occurrences of the representations.
Modified on-demand simplified representations are not automatically removed or erased from memory. To erase components not used in any representation, click File > Manage Session > Erase Not Displayed. To demote representations to the lowest required representation, click File > Manage Session > Erase Unused Model Reps.
When you modify values of components in a Graphics representation, the changes do not take effect until the model is regenerated. To avoid losing your changes, regenerate the assembly before you remove the retrieved components from memory.