To Define a Component Subset
1. Retrieve an assembly or a part.
2. Click Shrinkwrap. The Shrinkwrap tab opens with the top-level assembly as the reference model.
3. To include or exclude assembly components in the Shrinkwrap, click Subset. The Shrinkwrap Comps Component Chooser dialog box opens.
By default the components state is derived by the state of the top-level assembly.
4. Select the components to consider or ignore when creating the Shrinkwrap geometry. Use one of the following selection methods:
Right-click the component from the Model Tree in the left pane of the dialog box and choose Derived, Consider, or Ignore from the shortcut menu.
Click Select > Advanced Search to open the Search Tool dialog box. Search for components.
Click Select > Select in main window to select the components in the graphics window.
5. Click Options and determine subset options as follows:
Shrinkwrap then exclude (default)—Shrinkwrap the entire assembly and use the surface subsets from the selected components only. This option allows you to create multiple Shrinkwrap features with different quality settings. You can accurately represent the interface points of complex designs, and less accurately (and more quickly) create looser representations of less interesting areas of the design.
Exclude then Shrinkwrap—Build the Shrinkwrap feature based on selected components only. The result is similar to creating a simplified representation of a component and then converting it into a Shrinkwrap.