To Create a Table of Parameters
1. Open a notebook or create a new one.
2. Create parameters to include in the table.
3. Click Table. The Table tab opens.
4. Click Table and drag the mouse to select the number of rows and columns.
5. Click to stop selection. The table attaches to the pointer.
6. Move the pointer to and click to place the table on the sheet.
7. To change the row height and column width, click Height and Width. The Height and Width dialog box opens.
8. Double-click a cell in the table. The Format tab opens.
9. Use the commands in the Style group to set the text properties.
10. Type the text in the cell.
11. To enter parameter values that update automatically when changed, type &parameter_name.
12. To change table properties, select the table and click Properties. The Table Properties dialog box opens.