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To Create a Layout Feature in an Assembly
1. In an open assembly, click Get Data > Layout Feature. The Open dialog box opens.
2. Select a Layout (*.cem) file and click Open. The layout appears in the graphics window and the Layout Feature tab opens.
3. Point to where you want to place the layout feature and click. You can now set constraints.
4. Click to display the layout in a separate window, or click to display the layout in the graphics window (default). Both options can be active at the same time and can be changed at will.
5. Use the dragger to position or to move the layout.
6. Click to disable the dragger.
7. Select a constraint set type, Automatic is selected by default. Select a reference on the layout and a reference on the assembly, in any order, to define a placement constraint. When a pair of valid references is selected an appropriate constraint type is automatically selected. You can also open the Placement tab. Choose a constraint type from the Constraint Type list. (Display the list by clicking Automatic or the adjacent arrow), and then select references.
8. After a constraint set has been defined, a new constraint is automatically activated, until the layout is fully constrained.
Constraints can be selected and edited. You can change the references or constraint type.
9. To delete a constraint, right-click and select Delete.
10. To configure another constraint set, click New Set. The previously configured set collapses and a new set appears with the first constraint displayed.
11. Click References and select the references from the layout to add to the layout feature.
Tags, Nodes and Sublayouts—Shows selected tags, nodes and sublayouts.
Entities—Show selected entities. Click Details to open the Chain dialog box.
Datums—Shows selected datums.
12. Click Options to set the Copied Geometry Update preferences:
Automatic Update—Automatically updates the layout feature when the source layout is modified and in session.
Manual Update—Does not automatically update the layout feature when the source layout is modified. You can update the layout feature at any time as long as the original layout is in session.
Select the Provide notification check box to display an icon in the Model Tree when the layout feature is out-of-date.
No Dependency—Creates an independent layout feature.
13. Click Properties to change the default, feature name.
14. Click .