To Add Notes to a Notebook
1. Click Table > Balloon Note. The NOTE TYPES menu appears.
2. Choose one of the following leader options:
No Leader—Creates a note without a leader.
With Leader—Creates the note with a leader.
ISO Leader—Creates the note with an ISO leader.
On Item—Creates the note attached to the selected item.
Offset—Creates the note with its position offset from a specified entity.
3. Choose the type of note:
Enter—Enters the note text from the keyboard.
File—Enters the note text from a file.
4. Choose the text direction:
Horizontal—Places the text horizontally.
Vertical— Places the text vertically.
Angular—Places the text at an angle.
5. Choose the leader type, if applicable:
Standard—Creates multiple leaders attached to multiple entities.
Normal Leader—Creates a single leader normal to an entity.
Tangent Leader—Creates a single leader tangent to an entity.
6. Choose the note text justification option:
Left—Aligns the note text left.
Center—Aligns the note text in the center.
Right—Aligns the note text right.
Default—Aligns note text by default.
Style Lib—Creates or modifies a text style.
Cur Style—Sets the current style as a text style.
7. Click Make Note.
8. Type the note and press ENTER or click after each line of text. The text appears, beginning at the point you selected.
9. To quit the notemaking process, press ENTER on an empty line. The Text Symbol options appear. If required, enter a symbol as part of the note.
10. Click Close.
11. When you have finished creating notes, click Done/Return.
For more information on annotations, search the Help Center.