Copy Geometry References
Copy Geometry features can be used to copy any geometric information from component to component. Follow these guidelines when selecting copy geometry references:
Select surfaces, edges, and curves using standard reference collection tools. You can define a rule for collecting references, and as the design changes and new entities satisfy this rule, the references are added to the Copy Geometry feature. For example, create a Copy Geometry feature by specifying a group of surfaces. The surfaces are copied through the Copy Geometry feature. If you modify the original geometry by placing a new cut that intersects the surfaces collected, the resulting surfaces of the cut are also included in the Copy Geometry feature.
Copy quilts, vertices, and datum features, including planes, points, axes, and coordinate systems, with the Copy Geometry feature.
Nest Copy Geometry features. Copy Geometry features from a different component in the assembly can be selected and copied with a Copy Geometry feature. Nesting can help avoid duplicate reference selection. Nesting can also streamline the design method. It enables consistent access to primary design information in all skeletons along an assembly path. Nesting avoids creating large generational jumps from low-level Copy Geometry features to high-level skeletons.